Saturday, April 21, 2012

Super Model Adriana Cernanova

BRA world's most popular, Wonderbra, has chosen new icons.
Adriana official Cernanova follow Dita von Teese, Eva Herzigova and Sophie Anderton as the Wonderbra girl.
Cernanova a tall, slim body with a beautiful breast shape becomes the main reason for choosing this model from Slovakia.
Not only that, Cernanova considered to have high confidence and are able to form a new image of Wonderbra.

Cernanova-2-dok.-Press-AssociationSeperti reported by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (18/10), the presence of Cernanova make Wonderbra ad creation process is different from previous times.
His manner is relaxed and confident smile of complete beauty and blue eyes.
Wonderbra team believes, will shift the position Cernanova Eva Herzigova and Adriana Karembeu as an attachment icon in the eyes of the user super wire bra with it.

Cernanova-1-dok.-Press-Association "Eva from the Czech and Slovakian Adriana, they are very close to me. Become an icon, it feels amazing, "said 20 year-old woman.
For Cernanova, dress in the most important part in the appearance of a woman, because it can improve self-confidence.

No matter what shape, the right underwear will make a woman feel special.
"It's important to always use the underwear is comfortable, because it can make you feel sexier than ever," said Cernanova.

Wonderbra found a pilot from Israel in 1935 and became the label's most popular bra in the world today.
Wonderbra is a critical element in the structure of the wire at the bottom that are not easily change shape even when not being used.
Adriana Cernanova
Adriana Cernanova

Adriana Cernanova
Adriana Cernanova


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