Friday, July 20, 2012

Angela Marcello Best Wallpaper Picture Model

Real Name:
Angela Marcello
Known As:
Angela Marcello
Place of Birth:
Sacramento California
Born / Date of Birth:
Jun 08 1983
Age / Zodiac Sign:
29, Gemin

Angela Marcello, popular famous Models from Sacramento California, United States. Angela Marcello is 29 old, born on Jun 08 1983, (Zodiac sign: Gemini) and Angela Marcello real name is Angela Marcello. Star no Star offers users the possibilities to search their favorite celebrities and stars real name, popularity rankings in multiple categories such as ( Global Rank, Rank by Country, Rank by Gender, and Rank by Category / Occupation ) as well as their Alias Name / Known As, Place of birth, Date of birth, Country of Birth, Occupation and much more. Our Celebrity Bio Profile helps millions of people find REAL time live statistic's for the person they are searching / looking for and gives them the possibility to vote for their favorite stars. Once again, we hope that our info for Angela Marcello also known as Angela Marcello from Sacramento California, United States was helpful and informative and that you don't forget to make a difference and vote for Angela Marcello. You most likely know Angela Marcello from TV or magazines for their performance or achievements and that is why your contribution may help millions of people searching for statistics and information about athletes, actors, singers, business, comedians, composers, dancers, designers, models, musicians, inventors, directors, TV hosts and Radio hosts, writers, as well as other well-known famous and popular stars or just talented ordinary individuals. Don't forget to try out our TOP CHARTS in the menu or our voting modifier to make your voting at Star no Star more pleasant. Vote and make a difference.


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